Fishing license and operational planning

Fishing license solution with reporting to the Norwegian Environmental Protection Agency is in Fishrecord. Fishrecord is also available as an online solution.

In watercourses with self-reproducing stocks of anadromous salmonids, the fishing right holders are obliged to join forces for joint management, cf. the Salmon and Inland Fish Act § 25 second paragraph. The requirement applies to watercourses that have a set spawning stock target of more than 100 kilos of female fish, cf. Regulations of 25 June 2013 no. 761 on the compulsory organization and operation of watercourses with anadromous salmonids (Regulations) § 2 second paragraph. The requirement for joint management means that a management team must be established that includes all fishing right holders connected to the anadromous stretch of the river, according to a more defined process.

It can be opened for fishing by establishing / revitalizing a local administrative body there this has been absent / poorly functioning.

Read: Guidelines for regulation of fishing for anadromous salmonids from 2021. Guide to the preparation of regulations on fishing.